Where We've Been: What's New With Nurture with Nature

Where We've Been: What's New With Nurture with Nature

From 2020 to the present, the world has been simultaneously undergoing a pandemic that has affected us all at different proportions. Many small businesses have taken a hit and have shutdown permanently, whilst the way we shop has changed with the new 'curbside pick up' method. 

Nurture with Nature has taken the pandemic period to strategically revamp our way of doing things, under the model of working smarter and not harder.

On February 2, 2022, our website & online store launched. After months of behind the scenes work, NWN is finally ready to serve you again. 

Here are the changes we've made:

1. Nurture with Nature's Founder, Ibony is now a Certified Holistic Skincare Therapist and is offering free virtual skin consultations.

Becoming a skin care expert has required us to hit the books, studying the anatomy and physiology of the skin barrier to better understand the best natural active ingredients to feed our largest organ. Studying skincare has allowed us to be more intentional about the ingredients that we use in our formulas. As a Certified Holistic Skincare Therapist, Ibony emphasizes the importance of having a holistic approach to skincare, being mindful of not just what we put on your skin but also of what we put in our bodies. You can book a free skin consultation with Nurture with Nature's in-house holistic esthetician now!

2. Plastic-Free Packaging

Nurture with Nature went green! We think it is so important to reduce our impact to the environment and that is why switched over the glass bottles and jars for our products. Plastic has shown to have adverse affects on the environment as well as human health. Our new packaging is perfect for reusing, recycling or upcycling. 

3. New collections

Modify Your Mood Collection

We are always surrounded by smells. Plants have a scientific compound in them called terpenes that are the reason their fragrance and also many of their healing qualities. NWN's Modify your Mood collection uses the science of aromatherapy & essential oils to bring forth relaxation to the mind and body.

  • Lemongrass + Basil Perfume - Refreshing notes of lemongrass, orange blossom and basil to refreshen your senses and uplift your soul. 

  • Sandalwood Bubble Bath - A balanced formula made with the essential oil of sandalwood. Sandalwood is "divinely sweet" and used traditionally as an aid in meditation, prayer and spiritual practice. This bubble bath is a helpful aid to usher you into peaceful relaxation.

  • Bergamot + Rose Lotion - This lightweight shea butter based moisturizer combines bergamot & geranium essential oil with rose water to entirely hydrate your skin without leaving behind a greasy feel.

  • Bergamot Blend Linen Spray - Spraying your linens, pillows, couches, and rooms with our Bergamot Blend Linen Spray is an exciting way to move any stagnant energy out and bring in newness, clarity, and calm.

Bedtime Stories Collection

Children can sometimes become very excited when it's time to wind down for bed and offering them a bedtime story can relax them. That is why we made the Bedtime Stories Collection, to help ease children off to sleep with our 3-Step routine. Our Bedtime Stories Collection uses the essential oils of chamomile and lavender to bring peace and calm to a night of rest.

  • Chamomile + Lavender Bubble Bath - The first step in the Bedtime Stories Collection was created to help soothe your toddlers to sleep with this non-toxic bubble bath that has absolutely no synthetic ingredients and is safe and relaxing for babies and children. 

  • Chamomile + Lavender Shea Butter Baby Lotion - A nourishing shea butter based lotion that has the soothing essential oils of chamomile and lavender. Suitable for dry skin types, including eczema. 

  • Lavender Blend Linen Spray - An aromatherapeutic treat for your toddler (and for the tired mama as well!), helpful to ease them to sleep with this chamomile-lavender spray, free from any irritants.

4. Soaps On A Rope

We have changed our formulas to bring you longer lasting, richer soap that hangs off a piece of hemp twine so that the soap can dry after each use. Our Soaps On A Rope are now 11 oz (nearly 3/4 of a pound) of solid soap! All of our Soaps On A Rope are shea butter + cocoa butter based, therefore they leave your skin feeling the absolute of dry.

5. New Facial Moisturizers

New to our product lineup are 4 hydrating, plumping and brightening facial moisturizers.

6. For Within: Holistic Approach to Skincare

Here at NWN, we think that its vital that one's approach to skincare be entirely holistic. Meaning that a healthy lifestyle will contribute to healthy skin. Sometimes certain skin conditions cannot be treated by what is applied externally or topically alone. There could be an underlying lifestyle habit that is keeping you from reaching your skin care goals. Simply having a skin care routine with natural active ingredients from Nurture with Nature is a great start (click here to get our skin routine guide), though it could be more -- maybe you need to drink more water or incorporate more greens into your lifestyle! 

We plan to share more healthy lifestyle tips through our blog to keep you inspired on your journey.

In our For Within Collection, we currently have immune building, nutrient-rich wildcrafted purple sea moss.

7.  Curbside Pickup

For those who are based in the Greater Toronto Area and would prefer to pick up their order, you may now do so. When checking out, click the "pick up" option and further instructions will be provided to you upon completion of your order.

Nurture with Nature is so excited to be back! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for all the new updates to our site, exclusive discounts, and giveaways.

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