A simple bedtime story is the least stressful and most calming activity to add to your child's bedtime routine, to help ease them to sleep. Every story has a beginning, middle, and end, as does Nurture with Nature's Bedtime Stories Children's collection. Nurture with Nature's three step routine is here to preserve parent's energy and soothe children into sweet dreams. 

Beginning - Run a bubble bath with our Chamomile + Lavender Bubble Bath

Middle - Moisturize their skin with our moisturizing Chamomile + Lavender Shea Butter Baby Lotion.

End - Spray the Lavender Blend Linen Spray on pillows and in the air (children 3+ years old love to help).

Grand Finale - Open up your child(ren)'s favorite story book and get to reading (warning: they may fall asleep before the stories over).