Modifying Your Mood: Vibrating Higher With Nature

Modifying Your Mood: Vibrating Higher With Nature

What is vibration?

At an atomic, cellular, and microscopic level, matter may appear to be operating as a singular entity, though the particles, atoms and cells in any particular thing oscillate, move or vibrate. The study of vibration is an encompassed in a topic called metaphysics. Vibration and the study thereof can be considered more spiritual than scientific yet more philosophical than pseudoscientific.

The phrase "good vibes only" was colloquially coined to express the massive desire to only engage with people who are operating on a vibrational level of positive emotions. The upward scale of emotions consists of hopefulness and optimism, whilst the downward scale contains emotions like doubt and jealousy. The philosophical doctrine, or principle embraced in the study of vibrational medicine is like attracts like. Therefore, if an individual is operating on a high level, there is higher chance that they will attract more high vibrational things and maintain their own equilibrium or better.

What can we do to vibrate higher with nature?

In essence and in fact, nature can be the solution to many of the woes that we face as a society and as individuals. Nature offers contemplation as well as stimulation, revitalization as well as rest, and introspection as well as extrospection. Here are a list of 7 nature-inspired activities that can be done to raise your vibration, or just plainly modify your mood:

1. Sun Bathing

Exposing the body to the sun can be very beneficial to our physical health, thus emotional well-being. Enjoying a book, a meal, or even a moment of silence outdoors under the embrace of the sun can be uplifting in times of stress and mental fogginess.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that many are deficient in due to climate and potentially not getting enough from food sources. Though, exposing the skin to direct sunlight for a minimum of 15-30 minutes a day can help peak the body's vitamin D levels drastically. Exposure to vitamin D can help aid in reducing symptoms of depression, boost the immune system, and regulate melatonin levels for a better nights rest.

*For your discretion, it is important to consider wearing sunscreen while being directly exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

2. Waterfall Chasing

Contrary to how it may sound, negative ions breed positive results.

When visiting a waterfall, or even a fast-moving stream or ravine, the rushing water emits an abundance of negative ions. These negative ions are able to reduce free radicals, which are unstable atoms that can cause damage to cells.

Free radicals are essentially atoms without an electron. They try to steal electrons from other stable molecules which can do extensive damage to cellular components, including DNA. Free radicals are a "normal" part of our biological processes and our body also produces free radicals, as well as the counterbalance to free radicals, antioxidants.

3. Forest Bathing

Nature is a medicine chest. A walk through the forest can dramatically enhance health even on a hormonal level. The sounds of the birds. The cool breeze infused with scent molecules from the trees. The negative ions in the air neutralizing the body and bringing in homeostasis. Walking through the forest and bathing in the glory of nature can be lifting and healing.

4. Gardening

Gardening can be a healing modality. Horticultural therapy is the practice of using plants to help alleviate stress & depression, improve creativity, and also help the body recover and heal from illness.

5. Indoor Plants

Phytoremediation uses plants to immobilize, extract, remove, transfer, or destroy toxins from the air. Bringing houseplants into your living space is a great way to bring the healing powers of nature into your home.  

6. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses aromatic compounds such as essential oils to promote psychological and physiological well-being. The methods of using aromatherapy are many: massage oils, diffuser, bath, perfumery and more. 

Nurture w Nature's Modify Your Mood Collection

Our Modify Your Mood Collection uses the science of aromatherapy to promote emotional wellness through the usage of uplighting essential oils. These are the items in the Collection:

    • Lemongrass + Basil Perfume - Refreshing notes of lemongrass, orange blossom and basil to refreshen your senses and uplift your soul. Rub this perfume on your wrist area, behind the ears and even in your hair to leave a fragrant imprint of this refreshing scent.

    • Sandalwood Bubble Bath - A balanced formula made with the essential oil of sandalwood. Sandalwood is "divinely sweet" and used traditionally as an aid in meditation, prayer and spiritual practice. This bubble bath is a helpful aid to usher you into peaceful relaxation.

    • Bergamot + Rose Lotion - This lightweight shea butter based moisturizer combines bergamot & geranium essential oil with rose water to entirely hydrate your skin without leaving behind a greasy feel. Geranium is a perennial bushy shrub and geranium essential oil is distilled from the flower of this plant. Geranium can be characterized as vibrant, sensual, and liberating. Geranium essential oil is a known aphrodisiac.

    • Bergamot Blend Linen Spray - Spraying your linens, pillows, couches, and rooms with our Bergamot Blend Linen Spray is an exciting way to move any stagnant energy out and bring in newness, clarity, and calm. Bergamot is in the citrus family and is characterized as being uplifting like that of orange, grapefruit, and lemon. 



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