Restore Bar Soap


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Experience the transformative power of our Restore Turmeric Facial Bar. This extraordinary bar is meticulously formulated to even out skin tone, diminish the appearance of dark spots and acne scars, and illuminate your complexion.

Targeting concerns such as hyper-pigmentation, dull skin, and acne-prone skin, our facial bar is enriched with key ingredients that deliver remarkable results:

Shea Butter: Unleash the soothing and moisturizing benefits of shea butter without worrying about clogged pores. Experience nourishment that leaves your skin refreshed and supple.

Turmeric Oil: Harnessing the potent properties of anti-inflammation, antimicrobial action, and antioxidants, turmeric oil is a game-changer. It not only prevents future acne breakouts and reduces active acne but also diminishes acne scarring and brightens dark circles. Revel in the natural glow that turmeric brings to your skin.

To use, simply wet your face and the bar, create a lather by rubbing the bar, and gently cleanse your face using a face brush or your fingertips. Rinse thoroughly and continue with your natural skincare ritual.

Our facial bar boasts a meticulously crafted blend of coconut milk, shea butter, turmeric root powder, cocoa butter, avocado oil, cocoa seed butter, turmeric oil, oat protein, and lavender flower extract. Each ingredient contributes to a truly transformative skincare experience that unveils your skin's radiant potential.